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2017 Trip Pictures - Sunday, January 01, 2017

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Hero's Blog


HERO Makers Trip Testimonials

2014 Mexico



Family Trip




Saturday June 14 - Sheri Rhoades


It was a pretty amazing transformation today, since I was on the sheetrock team this morning and tonight I was dressed in wedding-appropriate attire complete with make-up, jewelry and heels.  Everyone in our group looked entirely different, having gone through a similar transformation this afternoon. Our HERO Maker team took lots of pictures because no one has ever seen us in anything other than our ministry shirts and jeans, and without photos I doubt they’d believe our report! 

Tonight we attended a beautiful Quincenera at Angels of God Children’s Home celebrating Perla’s and Brenda’s 15th birthdays.  A Quincenera is a very special party that is nearly as important as a young woman’s wedding.  Brenda and Perla wore beautiful ball gowns with hoop skirts.  Their hair was elaborately braided and their jewelry included beautiful tiaras.  The outdoor basketball court was transformed into the party venue, with a colorful cane wall for shade, elaborate decorations overhead, and white and pink linen table cloths and chair covers.  It was a lovely catered affair.

Early in the evening a live band from the girl’s church played praise and worship music.  Pastor Oscar blessed them with wise advice for now, the future and for their heart.  A HERO Maker couple gave each young lady a purity ring, explaining what the rings meant and leading them in a commitment to remain pure until their marriage.  They pledged to continue to live a holy life once they are married.

It was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing opportunity to participate in a Mexican tradition that was new to all of us. 

Tomorrow is another different day.  We’ll be wrapping up our VBS, which was attended by the younger children at Angels of God and kids from the neighborhood surrounding our mission base.

In the afternoon we will hand out about 1000 lbs of beans and rice in a poor neighborhood.  This activity is always a highlight of the trip and makes us grateful for what we have by virtue of where we were born.  We have a number of new HERO Makers and I always enjoy their perspective after this portion of the trip.

We have an excellent team that bonded quickly.  Time is speeding by and we’ll be headed home on Tuesday.  WOW.

This is probably my favorite HERO Maker mission in a long time.

Sheri Rhoades

Friday June 13, - Mark Oatman

Day 3 of our HERO Makers family trip and the experience continues to bless and amaze us all.  Tonight we were privileged to spend the evening at Esperanza Viva, sharing a meal with the children, playing games, and becoming reacquainted.  It’s difficult to describe the joy in seeing so many of the same kids and how they’ve grown, but more so, how their smiles are bright as ever.  I could go on and on about how much love these children show to us simply for showing up to say, “Hola!”, but I will leave that to others.  Rather; I would like to talk about this amazing and selfless Hero team.  I am witnessing people who were just a few days ago total strangers, opening up their hearts, sharing their deepest most difficult personal struggles in an effort to help someone else in need.    They’re using their experience of “coming out on the other side” to encourage others and to give them hope.  I am seeing people who again were strangers a few days ago, loving one another as true brothers and sisters.  It is evidence of the bible’s promise that our trials can make us stronger, and not only make US stronger, but serve to give hope, and encouragement, and make others stronger as well.  I cannot wait to see what more the week has to bring.  God bless you all.  


Friday June 13, - Brianna Jackson

Last year, I made a connection with a boy when I helped him with his math homework. When my dad returned from the subsequent Men’s January trip, he said that this boy received an “A” on his math test the day after I helped him with his homework. When we were able to spend time with the kids this year, this particular boy and I reconnected and deepened our friendship greatly. Upon seeing me, his face lightened and he smiled the most radiant smile that I have ever seen. We spent the whole night talking about our lives, sharing our aspirations, and playing an endless number of rounds of Jenga. He told me in great detail of his dreams to travel the world as a nature photographer and his dedication to saving money for a camera. I immediately felt the Holy Spirit reminding me of my digital camera that I hardly ever use. I am now in the process of orchestrating a way to send him this camera to bless his life and encourage his dreams. This boy has shown me the power of a simple gesture of love and has allowed the holy Spirit to work through me, enriching me beyond comprehension.



Thursday June 12, - Suzanne Blackford

This trip has been an awesome experience already!  The team has really connected and has been lifting each other up.  I have been encouraged through the devotions and others sharing their heart.  I love serving others and love seeing the children so happy and thankful we are here.  My favorite part so far was when we ate at the boy’s home with the girls and Linda took time to introduce everyone.  Then it turned into a time when some of those that live here shared their heart of thanks and appreciation for us.  It was very sweet.

-          Suzanne



Thursday June 12,  - Alexis Hair

Today during a snack break, we were all gathered in the main building that work was being done in. There were a few of the kids in the room with us. One of the boys walked up to me with a string tied in a circle hanging on his fingers. He wanted to show me a pattern he could create with the string on his fingers, but he couldn’t remember how to do it. So, I tried to help him remember. When he did it, his face lit up with joy and pride. I have never seen such a beautiful and thankful smile. That was like looking at God, smiling and blessing our trip. All without speaking a word that the other could understand, this young boy and I communicated love.





Men's Trip Week 1




Day 6, Monday January 13, 2014



Another amazing day here in Mexico.  After a nice sabbath day (and a half), we resumed our normal daily schedule, including breakfast followed by morning worship singing and a devotional on the role of “choices” in our christian walk.  Wives, be encouraged that our worship singing included a song titled “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real.  I can testify that it is our deep desire to serve and lead you and our families well.  We also resumed our work at the Angeles de Dios (Angels of God) children’s home.  Our work on an in-progress addition to a building that will house up to 48 short-term missions volunteers is progressing well.  The addition will add six showers and six toilets for this building.  Today’s work included installing plywood decking and tar paper on the roof; plywood sheathing and a weather-proof exterior vapor barrier; exterior boxing and trim; framing walls for shower partitions; continued rough-in of electrical service; installation of insulation; and completion of most of the rough-in for what will be two tiled showers.  And many other jobs unlisted.  Amongst the above, we visited with one another and some of the young men who live at Angels of God and who’ve helped us on a daily basis.  We talked about our families, children, jobs, and all the stuff of life that occupies our minds.  Truly good times.  We learned new skills, in some cases involving guns (screw and nail guns) and small quantities of explosives.  We worked until a little past five, then enjoyed a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, corn, soda-pop, and sweet treats with the children and staff at Angels of God.  What a special, yes holy opportunity, to share in the lives of these children.  At a long dinner table and overflow area, eating was mixed with smiles, taking and immediately sharing photos, and sharing photos/videos of our families at home.  Yes, for you know who, including dogs.  Smart phones have made it easy to share for even the most helpless of us that know little Spanish.  We then had a chance to listen to Linda, who, with her mother Frida, presently runs Angels of God, introduce us to every child in the home.  She did so by calling them forward in family groups where relevant (i.e. brothers and sisters together), and asking them to introduce themselves to us in English, including their age.  It took a while, but she patiently coached them and did not let them wiggle off the hook.  She elaborated the stories of a few of the children that are both heartbreaking and provide clear evidence of the love and goodness of God as they have found their way to this home.  Financial needs were shared.  We can testify those needs are real and are for basic needs, not superfluous novelties.  Linda shared that her biggest need is for additional house parents.  The demand far exceeds the supply of those willing to try; and many who try earnestly simply cannot do it for a sustained period of time.  Please pray for this, as it directly impacts their ability to provide a loving home for those who live there now as well as any possible future growth in the number of additional children that can be taken in.  Weary from our 15-hour day, we reluctantly said goodbye, or more specifically “proximo ano”, which means “next year”, as in “see you next year”.  I can confidently say that I plan to be here this time next year to continue God’s work here via Hero Makers.



Day 5, Sunday January 12, 2014


Today we started the day with delicious hot breakfast and an extra hour and a half of sleep (both of which were well received by all of the brothers). After church service we bagged up 400 pounds/servings of rice and beans and took a road trip to Colonias near the Mexican border. This community runs along a canal near the Mexican border. The housing is very, very some cases it was “shelter” only in the fact that they had 4 walls and a roof. However, if the people were sad or unhappy about their living conditions you could not tell. The people and children that came to see us as we walked/drove down the streets were smiling, courteous, outgoing  and thankful.  We were also able to hand out Beanie Babies and Dum Dum suckers to the children.  A little girl named “America” ran up to Pastor Greg, hugged him, and held his hand as they walked down the street. Jamie cleaned out the general store of potato chips/snacks and handed them out to the children. The dirt roads had deep, dried grooves from recent rains and would have been impassable a few days earlier but the Lord blessed us with great weather again….we returned “home” with some free time (naps for some of us) before a delicious meatloaf dinner….Another great day for HERO Makers!


Day 4, Saturday January 11, 2014


What word would you want someone to use to best describe yourself?  Andy Buck’s devotion was just about that.  We all aspire to be known for furthering God’s kingdom and Andy was able to not only give his opinion on how each of us has impacted him but gave us an opportunity to think of how we want to influence how others see us.


Off to Angels of God and a shortened day of work to continue our project.  Decking is going on the extension roof and the exterior plywood sheets on the walls.  Things are going well except for a few scrapes.  Pray for the HERO men to be safe as we work on our projects.


Back to the AIM base for lunch.  Carl Scavuzzo provided his awesome homemade Italian Sausages for the entire crew and with a little special tomato sauce we were treated to a wonderful and delicious lunch.


Praise and Worship is a big part of every HERO Makers trip.  Music is one way to express our love and devotion to our mighty God and the HERO men were treated to a special concert at AIM base of the a Praise and Worship team out of Matamoros Mexico.


The band played with high energy and best of all we had the kids from both Angles of God and Esperanza Viva in attendance.  The Spirit of the Lord was flowing as the HERO men and guests clapped and lifted our God up in Praise.  


As the day wrapped up Pastor Greg began a two day series on “to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  We were given the assignment of thinking about what is it in our lives to possess and control us.  Many men spoke to other brothers and we are looking forward to finding out how we can identify, search for and evict the evil one from our lives.  Restoration is the gift God offers.


Day 3, Thursday January 10, 2014


Steve’s devotional asks us “what fuels the development of faith”?  Steve spoke about 5 ways God uses to grow our faith:


1.  Practical Teaching

2.  Private Disciplines

3.  Personal Ministry

4.  Providential Relationships

5.  Pivotal Circumstances


Many men were moved when asked by Steve about number 4.  Who did God put in your life that let you know God loved you?  Many of us can immediately come up with a name of someone.  


HERO men continued on to Angels of God for more work on our project and progress was made.  Take a look at the photos of the stages of construction at


Off to Esperanza Viva for dinner, games and some great dancing.  Yes….that is right dancing HERO men.  Even some of our more conservative and reserved men could not resist the electric slide!


Day 2, Thursday January 9, 2014


The day begins with Paul Hilderbrand giving his devotion.  As many people know HERO Makers is based on James 1-27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  Paul was convicted to remember James, not just 1-27 but the entire book of James.  All 108 verses and 1742 words!  Paul’s life puts into action the words spoken by James.  Awesome devotional, discipline and dedication.


After being left awestruck by the day's devotion the HERO men began the short trip to Angels of God children’s home.  We began with a short walk around the grounds of the project and prayed for God to work through us in this project and in the children we are here to serve.  The project at Angels of God has three main areas, the existing bathroom buildout, the existing building dividing wall and the extension of the bathroom project.  


The HERO men started out and quickly began to make progress.  Truss, wall and shower building were the main jobs of the day.  Jeff Alton had other important missions to attend to and was unable to do much :)


Dinner was with the children of Angels of God and much fun and play with the kids who are now familiar with many of the HERO men who make a decision to come back each year to form lasting relationships with these awesome kids.  The day ended with a bunch of tired HERO Makers heading back from a successful first workday.


Day 1, Wednesday January 8, 2014


Hello, Family and Friends from Mexico!  The HERO men again meet at the airport to travel south for the rendezvous in Harlingen TX.  We already have an advanced party getting things ready for work and one of the most important elements of our trip - FOOD!


It is a nice day in Harlingen as we arrive and our 4 first timers start to ask questions about what the week will have in store for them.  We get our name badges and load up our bags.

After a good dinner we head south across the border and are stopped on the Mexico side.  After our translator, Bob Baucom, explains the reason and purpose of our trip to the immigration official they realize that we are here to do God’s work and we continue along without any issues to AIM base our home for the next week.

As we arrive we unload our gear and head on over to select and make our bunks.  Many veterans have refined the art of making a home away from home.  After a short meeting the men are released for a night of rest with anticipation of the next day.


Mexico 2013

HERO Makers Family Trip 2013 

Day 4 - Karen Oatman

It is June 16th, Father's Day. What a glorious way to start this Sunday morning. A special thank you to our home church, Southwoods, for the very funny and heartfelt video put together by our own comedic genius, Jeff Alton and many children of Southwoods. Starting the each day praising our God, praising with our hands held high in this room of concrete. How amazing the way the concrete warms up with love, laughter and sometimes tears of joy a concrete room with wooden benches can be filled with light by the hearts connecting from the people within.

Each work day begins at 8 and today, being Father's Day, is no exception. We arrive at the children's home to find that the amazing house parents, who take care of the 7 girls that live here, have completed the painting portion of our project that we thought we were falling behind on. Here, in this place, in this home in Mexico, we are a family united in a mission of getting our work done. The children welcome us with smiles, hugs and we try to pass the little bits of Spanish that we can remember. Hola! Buenos Dias! It doesn't matter, we speak with our body language, our expression and sense of familia that we have already gained.

What a treat today! First a longer break of  2 hours for lunch- then to the children's church in Matamoros to hear Pastor Oscar. We had an interpreter for our group of 24. There was even a special treat for OUR kids. They were dismissed from our large group to their own special service where they also had an interpreter and heard testimony from one of the congregation high school kids. We rocked out for a half hour of worship time!

And I mean jumping up and down and rocking! The dad's in the congregation were also honored with a small gift. How wonderful  and uplifting the whole afternoon was!

Our evening dinner at the children's home was a joyous collection of  their 20 children and our own 9 children playing happily together as if they had known each other for years. The special delight came at the end of the evening with closing song in Espanol

by the boys of the home in dedication to the fathers in the room. Many tears were flowing tonight as we begin to prepare for our journey to end. Tomorrow will be our last work day here. The men will have put up a new laundry and office addition to Freda's home. The women have done an incredible job of making over the girl's home, creating art with the kids, all the while trying to figure out ways to get each one of the kids home with us.


Ultimately, what we know is that we are making a difference in so many lives...our hearts are being transformed.

Day 3 - Vickie Park

It was a great day for HERO Makers  We started out with a hearty breakfast served by our faithful kitchen team.  This was followed by an amazing time of worship.  After Tony was done with one of many series of announcements we were dismissed to load up in the vans and head out to the children's home to begin our ay of work. 

We divided up into three teams.  One team led the children of the home in an art project painting pictures on wood scraps to display in the rooms.  They also worked on building a Holy Cross to use as the center piece for their works of art to be displayed.  This project was carried out in the multipurpose building that they HERO Makers built this past winter.  Another group worked on the interior painting project of the girls home.  The last group continued the work of building the much needed laundry room/office area.

We headed back for a late lunch and time of devotion and prayer.  Alexis Hair led the time of devotion today and shared an incredible testament on forgiveness.  Some of us then took time to rest while others carried on working back at the children's home.  We then headed over to Esperensa Viva children's home and shared a meal prepared by the HERO Makers cooking team.  What an incredible gift this gave us to spend time fellowshipping and playing with these amazingly joy filled children and the dedicated people who care for them daily.


My final thoughts are this, how incredible God is and the realization of his many blessings of today Amen.

Day 2 - Reggie Hair

We have finished our first day of work here on our Hero Maker's trip.  It has been an amazing and exhausting day.  After arriving last night at the AIM base (I think it stands for Adventures in Missions), we became acquainted with the facilities.  It has just the right combination of air conditioning and spiders.  We woke early to breakfast, worship and fellowship.  We were just getting to know each other this morning.

By the time we got to lunchtime, we had met amazing people, like the leaders of the Angeles De Dios children's home, we had toured the grounds, began multiple work projects, had drank three or more bottle-fulls of water and had learned more about the Mexican septic system than some of us had anticipated. Any of these could be interesting blog topics.  But the topic I wanted to focus on is how God took a group of strangers in one day and made them into a team that shed blood, sweat and tears together and were grateful by sundown.

Notice I said 'by lunchtime' and not lunch.  We didn't eat at lunchtime.  We were hungry, that wasn't the problem.  The sun is so oppressive and to work in the hot sun isn't possible for very long.  So when the clouds rolled in, as an answer to prayer, keeping our worksite cool at midday, we had to keep working.  Fathers cut 2x4's side by side with their sons, daughters scraped paint next to their mothers, kids brought drinks to adults, even if they didn't speak the same language.  We were hungry, but not hungry enough to stop.

We did eventually eat.  Then came 3pm.  We were spread out in different areas, working on different projects, thinking of a hundred different things.  But as is the tradition at Hero Makers, we all stopped to observe a singular focus: our Lord Jesus.  We gave thanks and prayed for the children.  At the end of the day, with every project still incomplete, we had to call it a day.  Something important requires our attention now.  What is it?  More prayer.

We gathered together once again to pray for one another.  We lifted up our families and our marriages.  We asked God's blessings on us but also on the kids we have met and the ministry leaders that are so devoted to these children.  We prayed gave thanks. But the evening is not done.  It isn't even dark yet.   

We now head back to Angeles De Dios to make dinner for the kids.  Jeff and Big Al grilled burgers, complete with jalapenos, onions, mushrooms, cheese and all the traditional fixins.  The kids had fun playing futbol and bursting big balloons.  We all tried learning more Spanish.  I learned that the Spanish word for little flying bugs is 'mosquitoes'.  Who knew?

At the end of the night, we were all proud of the day we had but maybe even more proud of the people we worked beside. How did God make a team out of strangers, in one day?  On this day?  There was a LOT of sweat today.  There was a little blood.  There were even some tears, mostly out of an abundance of love and gratitude.  But the main ingredient has to be Love.  Love for Him.  Love for each other.  Love for the children.  The amazing thing is that we expect no less tomorrow.  Goodnight friends.


Craig’s Blog 1-29-13


It is 11:15pm on work day 2.  We endured another very, very windy day working on a new mission building at the Angels of God Children’s Home about 23 miles northwest of Matamoros.  There are 12 HeroMakers on our week 3 trip and I can safely say that all of us are delightfully tired and in all cases sore.  We age from 42 to 70 with 8 over the age of 55.  I am always amazed by the endurance of these guys.  I have been blessed now on two trips to work with Ken Jackson and his father George who is 70.  Both of these men have an uncommon desire to not only complete a task, but to give the highest attention to detail and ensure that it gets done properly.  This is a characteristic emphasized by our leader Rocky Rhoades, our project coordinator Bob Crovella and acknowledged and practiced by all the HeroMakers I serve with.  I am honored and privileged to serve alongside these 11 hard working men.

As I mentioned above, it has been very windy since we arrived on Saturday, January 26th.  While a little breeze is always a blessing in the 80 plus degree weather, the high winds have prohibited us from completing some siding on the south end gable.  It also creates challenges for the guys with allergies and who wear contact lens.  We expect the winds to subside by Thursday and we hope to complete the siding work then.  The plumbing has been completed and tested and I am delighted to report that our plumbers Richard Rogers and Tim O’Connell were flawless in their installation and no leaks occurred during testing.  We still have some mop up work on the roofing that Bob Crovella and Gerry Hoerster hope to complete tomorrow.  We expect to install vent fans in all the bathrooms tomorrow and complete the insulation and drywall in the bathrooms as well.  The great room has been taped and first round of mudding began today with about 60% completion by days end.  We have been blessed with no injuries so far this trip.

The best part of every trip is the time we get to spend with the kids.  This is our second year at this location where we serve two children’s homes, Angels of God and Esperanza Viva.  One thing that has made this trip so much more impactful for me is that a number of the kids are learning to speak English, and in a couple of cases, very well.  I am humbled and in a manner shamed by the fact that these kids have taken the extra time to learn English while my Spanish skills remain essentially the same as when I began making trips here 6 years ago.  In any event, it is so cool to be able to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the kids who speak English and also with the other kids since they can also serve as interpreters.  I think all the guys would echo this sentiment and we are all learning so much more about one another because of the efforts of these kids.  I particularly want to shout out to Sebastian and Julio at EV and to Rodolfo, Angel, Solomon and Diego at AG, you guys are awesome and I’m so very proud of you and the fine, Godly young men you are.  Go God! 

We remain blessed by our presence here and the privilege we have serving the hosts, children and by extension our Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth.  Good night and God bless.



Sunday, January 27, 2013

                 After 2 days of work, Sunday brought an entirely different schedule.  “Rise & shine” was planned for 7:30, which was to give us another 1.5 hrs. of sleep.  However, after our late night movie & discussion which ended well after midnight, our sleep time was about the same as other nights.

                After a hot egg casserole breakfast, Linda Richards and her mother, Freda  told us about how God has orchestrated the growth of Angeles de Dios since Freda’s arrival in 1991.  Early on, the priorities were to get all legal issues and practical processes in place to operate with the government’s approval and blessing.  It was great to hear how God guided them step-by-step with exquisite timing to bring all those pieces together.  Surprise issues became fewer over time as a solid foundation of trust, consistency, and progress revealed how the Spirit of God was steadily & carefully directing their steps.  This became even more obvious over time and with hindsight.

                After lunch and a nap (for some guys), mid-afternoon’s tour of Esperanza Viva was eye opening for our new guys, especially as they compared and contrasted the style & approach of the 2 children’s homes. For the returning Hero Makers, the reunion with previously met girls and boys resulted in hugs and high fives! Though the number of kids was lower than last year, their joy and smiles were still  infectious.  Before fun conversations turned to a challenge soccer game between the young men of Viva and 6 “old men.”  The score was close, but after about an hour the experienced (and in better shape) boys pulled off a last minute goal to mercifully rescue us winded guys.  Later, our guys played pool, ping pong, shared photos and even danced a bit. Once again, Bobby West & America stole the show – both being light on their feet as the music played!

                What a day!  Though the plans seemed to imply a slow & deliberate day, the hours passed way too quickly with great God stories, wonderful interaction between youth and adults, and blessings galore! The weather was beautiful, the engaging connections were a tremendous blessings, and the fun was overwhelming! This Lord’s Day turned out to be a wonderful reflection of God’s love, grace and joy.  In my opinion, even though we weren’t with our own personal families, there was no better place to be! Thank you God for loving us so much to provide a near perfect day sandwiched between work days!  Praise be to God!



Day 1, Jan 17, 2013

The gentlemen of Blue Springs Christian Church meet at the church to head for the Lee’s Summit airport. The flight to Harlingen, Texas was provided by Mike McGraw who owns a private turbo-prop aircraft.  Mike has been very gracious to BSCC over the years. We had a very pleasant flight, the weather was blue sky as God was watching over us during our three plus non-stop flight. Where we were meet by Rocky Rhodes who started HERO Makers several years ago. He continues to seek God’s will to meet the needs of orphan’s in Mexico.



Day 7, Jan 15, 2013

As we awoke to another cold day our spirits were lifted by breakfast, praise and worship and the devotion by Keith Kass.  The Praise and Worship and Keith’s testimony were both done without power as an area wide power outage left us without the normal setup.

Keith spoke of our responsibility as Christians to take what we do here over this week and extend it to the entire year.  His discussion of how our actions, both good and bad, are seen and affect many people without us even knowing it.  His talk made us think about how we can rise to his challenge.

Off to work to complete the tasks of the day on our building.  Before I speak of the building I understand that Joey Montaque is leading a team building bunk beds and has a picture of one that was made by his team.  Perhaps it is worth looking at….

Back to the building and the work done today.  We spent time putting a new roof on, doors, electrical and insulation.  Insulation is made of small fibers of glass and in my humble opinion is the hardest part of the job as it wars with the installer in so many ways.  By the grace of God almost all of the insulation was installed and with that the shape of the room was revealed.

Mike Gross was able to covertly start one of the vans and turned the heat on over lunch.  In the interest of journalistic information I did go into the van and the temperature had to be about 120 degrees.  When the van was nearly full Curt Coglizer came over and ended the show.  We all agreed,,,Mike Gross for President!!!!

We then traveled back to AIM and Esperanza Viva for dinner and dancing.  Dancing you may ask.  Yes, Jeff Alton is well know along the Mexican border for his dancing skills and did not disappoint.  His sidekick Tony Baucom not so much, but was along for the ride dancing like there was no tomorrow.  If you want to see this video I understand you can see it on the same place you see the pictures in about a week. 

The HERO men had a great send off as we departed back to AIM.  We are all now done with the work we came here to do for the Lord.  We know that the Lords work being done in us is not complete.  We all are looking forward in taking the experiences back home to our families and friends and are hopeful the next year we can bring along other brothers and do more.  God Bless!


Day 6, Jan 14, 2013

Today started out with the now normal schedule of breakfast at 6:30, Praise and Worship and our daily devotion.  Tony Baucom spoke about being a fully devoted follower of Christ and what that meant to him.  Tony spoke of the promises that God has made to us is we make him #1 in our lives and ways to ensure that we stay on track (hint: read the Bible). 

If Day 4 was windy, today will be remembered as bone chilly cold.  Well 40 degrees with a bit of a wind.  While that may not make it KC area weather the work today was outside even in the house as the roof, windows and doors had not be completed.  The HERO men shook off the cold and things started to happen.  Sounds of hammers, saws and chatter filled the air with the sounds of men doing God’s work.

If you have not had a chance to look at the pictures take a look at this building.  It now looks like a building and has taken shape out of the Mexican soil to serve the needs of this Orphanage. 

Dinner was just in the next building, the boys building.  We had chicken, potato salad and corn (plus some tasty deserts).  Jeff Park, Steve Kleinschmidt and Tony Baucom had the honor of representing Hero Makers as Linda translated their testimonies to the children.  The children learned that each man and their families sacrifice time and resources to make the trip, but do this for the glory of Jesus Christ.

As our day ended we prayed for the children and they prayed for us.  We now understand that all this work is for God to support these children.  What an honor!

Day 5, Jan 13, 2013

Sunday in Mexico is a special day for HeroMakers men.  Praise and worship followed by Linda from Hogar De Ninos Angeles De Dios (Angels of God) orphanage who spoke of what HeroMakers has meant to them as they arrived last year.  Linda explained that she was at first apprehensive about a person named Rocky who was offering his help. 

When she realized that he was in fact helpful the plans for the first tasks began.  A wonderful aspect of the work we are doing at this orphanage is that they help out and the work is completed as we have witnessed.  The room additions for house parents and school house are beautiful and well cared for.  Linda has vision and God willing we will be able to continue to help her reach beyond her vision and help the children here. 

We took some time today to visit the Esperanza Viva orphanage and look at the work that was done last year and tour the rooms and classes.  This orphanage is on the same site as our housing being provided for Adventures in Missions.  The bathroom work done last year looked beautiful and the rooms and classes are making a difference in the lives of these kids. 

Later in the afternoon the HERO men continued work on the building we had started on Thursday.  The decking covering the trusses, electrical, bathroom walls and bunk beds made the few hours left in Sunday busy.   Praise be to God that when we arrived at the job site the wind finally stopped and the work was much easier.  Thank you God for an answered prayer.

At the end of the day a great meal of Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans meet the men followed by JUSTICE BEING SERVED by the Judge.  Many men had a lighter wallet and all agreed that it was not possible to escape the eyes of the HERO Justice System.  Wade Leachner (AKA Mr. Ho Ho) led the day with the largest fine and perhaps may have learned that the best defense in the court is “guilty as charged your honor”.

Day 4, Jan 12, 2013

This day can be summed up in one word – windy.  The day began with breakfast, praise and worship followed by a devotion by Gary Brockus.  Gary spoke from his heart showing that our God is a forgiving and loving God.  Gary’s appeal to all of us is to make right with any family relationship that is hurting. 

The HERO crew departed for our construction project and soon began to deal with the wind.  Of much concern was the process of getting sheet plywood off the ground and onto the new trusses without the wood taking flight.  Somehow all went well and the house being born from the wind is taking shape.

The HERO men returned to a great dinner and a movie.  The movie “Machine Gun Preacher” elicited a great discussion about our role in helping those that are the least of these and what are actions are when done “for the Lord”.

Day 3 Jan 11, 2013 

Day three started off with some wonderful worship time and devotion by Steve K. which had a baseball theme which hit the spot for me.  The point that hit me the most was that whatever you think the path for your life should be, no matter how much you plan, you are not in control, the Lord will take you where “He” wants you to go. 

We set off for Angels of Hope (all of us a few steps slower than the day before) for another work day.  God provided us another beautiful day to accomplish the work we set out to do, and before long, I looked around and the guys were moving around as if they had the energy of a school kid, and it hit me, He gave us this energy so we could get done what He had planned for us to get done for these kiddos.

We completed the last wall, started installing the exterior OSB board, running electrical, and completed installing 31 trusses which were 42’ long, and amazingly nobody got hurt.  Even Curt seem to be impressed with the amount of work all of us rookies got done. 

We ended the day at another orphanage, Esperanza Viva, where Bob L., Wade W., Mike G. and Bob B. prepared a fabulous meal of steak fajitas for us to share with the children there, many of whom we had all met last year.  It was great to see all the kiddos again and all there smiling faces. 

I know I tell myself I am here to help all those children who need so much, but when I sit back and think about it, I get so much more than I give, and that is what happens when you follow His plan and not yours.

Day 2 Jan 10, 2013

After the hard rain of last night this morning brought the HERO men a beautiful sunny day.

Breakfast at 7:00 followed by a devotion by Bob Leadam who spoke about prayer, faith and attitude.  All of us love his great attitude and he has spoken with his actions over the years and we are all blessed by knowing Bob.

Off to the worksite today with great anticipation.  We are working at the Angles of God Orphanage starting a brand new project.  Building started on framing new walls and another crew began building trusses.  So the jokes about in God we truss commenced and the clear sunny day’s warmth was welcome.

Lunch was welcome as the hard work developed large appetites.  The lunch crew had everything ready and before we knew it we returned to our work.  For many of us framing a new home is a great way to see something coming up from the ground and the hard work was an example of God’s work being done by a group of good men.

After a hard day many of men had some signs of wear, slow walking and much talk about the tasks of day along with new stories of valor and missteps.  All in all much work was done and an anticipation of putting the trusses on the new home put this day to sleep.


Tony and Friend's thoughts

HeroMakers Day 6 - Jan 9, 2012


Jess Acosta

This morning Curt gave an inspirational devotion which he started with the song “Don’t Worry. Be Happy.”  At Angeles Del Dios home guys put up walls in the classroom building and framed to other additions for two other buildings.  Big “Grande” Al’s team started tiling showers at the Esperanza Viva home.  Tony, not realizing his own strength, hammered holes in the shower walls. Some kids at the home (Jesus, George, and Luis) eagerly worked all day with us tearing old tile out and sawing the new tile to fit. 




The night was a blast.  We had burgers with the kids from Esperanza Viva.  There was Jeff Alton showing the kids how to dance to Mexican Christian Rap music.  Tony also broke out some dance moves he said he had been saving since his wedding. Then not to be out done, Tony’s Dad bust a move.   Rob, Jarod, and Steve played indoor football with the kids as well. Our friend Armando turned into the Snake King from the movie Courageous. It was hilarious.  The humor translated and Armando got the joke which was cool. He could have played that role in the movie.  He was spot on.


The kids are incredibly happy kids who like music, dancing, sports, and eating 10 Oreo cookies in a row just like American kids.  It was a good day.  Everyone is ready for some sleep except The IT Committee (Jeff Park, Steve, and Tony) who don’t sleep.


HeroMakers Day 5 - Jan 8, 2012

It can’t get any better on a Hero Holiday to sleep in as wake is 7:30 this morning and sun is up and the chill in the air on the previous days is gone.


Breakfast was a wonderful hot breakfast of scrambled eggs with sausage and peppers and a heartfelt thanks to Carl and the rest of the meal crew.


Pastor Greg had the devotional today on the Sunday day of rest.  Greg spoke about our legacy and how generational sins are transferred from our forefathers.  Greg asks what generational sins have been past to us and what influence has this had on our lives.  Greg spoke about how God has provided us with the opportunity to be rescued for our generational sins just as the Jews as described in Exodus 20.


Today was filled with opportunities for rest and reflection as many Hero Men took an opportunity to connect with others.


The Hero men all came back together for a time to speak as a group about the morning devotional, movie and other aspects of their Spiritual growth through this trip and the close fellowship with others over the past week.


After dinner the Hero men began a meeting that was abruptly halted when U.B Guilty, the presiding Judge, arrived to officially begin court.  Several well deserved fines where given for major offences included insubordination, improper t-shirts and inappropriate sleep attire.  Bob Baucom, my father, was fined for inflammatory and libelous comments made in regard to some type of unsubstantiated maltreatment, I paid the fine as the poor man is one a fixed income!


Beginning of a busy day tomorrow so good night and all my thanks to all the families for giving us this opportunity and a special thanks to my lovely wife Patricia and my kids, Ash, Hannah, Maddie and Amanda for making this time an opportunity to remember my love for them and to never let go of an opportunity to dance with them.



HeroMakers Day 4 - Jan 7, 2012

Today was a strange and busy day.  With our expected delivery of concrete for the several additions to the orphanage we are also building the school house for we skipped our normal schedule.


With a quick breakfast the Hero men rushed out to the job site hoping we could beat the cement trucks.  Working like a great team the job was finished just in time to wait for two hours for the tardy truck.


Finally cement arrived and the slabs were formed.  Soon two homes, a boys home and girls home will have a place for house parents.  This was hard work moving the very firm Mexican soil, measuring and rebar bending and tying.


Work was also being done in the school room with the center wall, top plates and electrical outlets being installed.  Oh plus a new project to build a shed around a water pipe. 


At the end of the work day a bunch of tired Hero men returned for a great BBQ sandwich, bean and potato salad.  After dinner we had our normal morning Praise and Worship lead by Jeff Park.  Jeff continued in the series with a question on “what is our apple”, meaning what causes us to stumble.  Jeff challenged us to find our apple.


Wade Leachner followed with the daily devotional speaking about how though the relationships he has fostered with those at the church real changes have been made within him and his family.  These positive changes have driven Wade to reach out to others to bring them to God, Christ, Church and HeroMakers.  Great Job Wade and thanks to Andy Buck for bringing Wade to our family!


That should have been it but for the opportunity to watch a great movie at “Hero Movie Night”  We were blessed to see an advanced copy of “Courageous” and anyone reading this MUST watch this movie.  What a great example of living as Christians and our responsibility as fathers and husbands.  All were touched by this great movie.


HeroMakers Day 3 - Jan 6, 2012 

The morning has come and we start another day with breakfast, praise and worship and devotional by Wade Wright.


Wade spoke about how we are saved by God’s forgiveness and love.  That through our honesty and humility we must first better ourselves to permit us to better serve others.  Wade recommended a book, Calvary Road, given to him as a gift from his lovely wife that helps us down the path to where He intends us to be.


Joey Montague


Today was a great day for us all. It’s safe to say that everyone worked hard. We made a lot of progress on the house additions, digging many trenches to get ready to pour the foundations tomorrow. We spent much time building wooden forms for the concrete as well as cutting into and working around those oh so fragrant septic lines!


Many of the guys have also been working on their new school building. They’ve been installing metal siding and roofing while framing the walls on the inside of the structure. The metal building is really starting to look like a finished product on the outside. It’s exciting to see the projects coming together.


This evening we had the opportunity to spend dinner with the children at Living Hope Children’s Home. Despite our tired and achy muscles we all had a great time with the children trying to communicate with them and get to know them better. Every time I see these children’s homes I’m amazed with what God is doing there. I can’t help but feel God’s love and his presence. Just seeing what God has already done only reaffirms me of why we are here. I know that we are here to be a blessing to them, but they have been a tremendous blessing for me personally and I’m sure for all of the men.


I love these trips because they really give me a better perspective of the world and how blessed I am compared to many people. 

















HeroMakers Day 2 - Jan 5, 2012

Rob Ewing provided the morning testimonial speaking about getting to know God.  Rob challenged us to fully understand and live Holy and imitate Christ our Lord and Savior though the Word and that all should read and remember His Word.


Rob spoke about the Holiness of God and living in our unholy world.  That we have choice about what we put into our lives and that God’s desire is that we give all of ourselves to him.  That through our actions God’s will, will be done.


In conclusion Rob spoke about how far he would go for God and contrasted that with how far God has gone and will go for all of us if only we let him.


The Hero men prepared for the days construction work today at Angels of God children’s home.  Several projects include two additions on children’s homes to accommodate house families.  The problem is ensuring that well qualified people are able to provide support and fellowship with the children, but having no place for their own children.  This project will permit these children to live with their parents!  Pastor Greg and his son Joey worked on the prep digging and relocation of some utilities.


Another project is to build a new two room school next to the current small single classroom.  The Hero men have assembled a steel building, covered with steel sheets and will put a roof on next.  The plan will be build tradition stud and drywall walls in the interior and get this ready for the students.  Lots of cutting steel and insulation kept the Hero men busy.  The new guys really stepped up today to make a statement that they are ready to contribute and their work was awesome. 


Bill More, Carl Scavuzzo and Jess Acosta welcome to our Hero Holiday!  It is great to see the Lord working in you and our prayers are that this will become your tradition and you will find others to follow you.


Dinner with the children wrapped up our evening.  Great burgers made by our support crew remind me of what a blessing we have in these men who feed us.  Not sure if it is the hard work and hearty appetites that make this food taste so good, but even the kids love it so my money is on these folks can really cook!


Again, thanks to our families and our love to all who are praying for us.



HeroMakers Day 1 - Jan 4, 2012


Today begins the trek to do God’s work as the Hero men begin their travels early in the morning with the goal to meet their fellow brothers in McAllen TX.  Spirits are high as old friends meet and our first timers begin to hear stories and anticipate what the week will hold in store for them.


God was with us as we crossed over from the United States into Mexico with Bob Baucom providing translation that convinced the Mexican border agents that they had no reason to hold us.


We arrived at AIM missionaries in Matamoras ( and have a nice large worship/dining facility and large sleeping area with an open plan allowing all the Hero men to share with each other unencumbered by partitions and doors.  Earplugs should do the trick for most (except Alton).


HeroMakers gathered late at night to recognize several men who have fulfilled the pillars of being fully engaged in HeroMakers mission. 


1.      Pray For the Poor – Pray the Bible

2.      Sponsoring A Child

3.      Raising A Children’s Home or Project

4.      Become an Advocate For the Invisible People

5.      Go on a HERO Holiday


The following men were recognized and we give a big HERO cheer to them:


Big Al

George Smart

Jeff Park

Paul Hilderbrand

Wade Leachner


The work starts to tomorrow on several projects so more to follow.  Thanks for all our spouses and significant others for providing us with the opportunity to mission and our love to all those who are praying for us as well head into our week.







     Craig’s Blog      2.01.2011
Work Day #5
I’m excited to write my first ever blog. Just like I never thought I’d have a Facebook page, I never thought I would blog about anything. Having stated this, there are few things more deserving of a first time blog than to blog about our final day working at Regional Bible Institute (RBI). RBI is home to 36 young Mexican girls and women being educated primarily to be missionaries and secondarily to be teachers, nurses, and Christian counselors. As has been revealed in earlier blogs this week, we have been finishing out a four-classroom building with a bathroom that upon completion will become their primary classroom space with the current classroom space being converted to expanded dorms giving the students significantly more personal space. In any event, we accomplished 85-90% of our goals today leaving only two doors to be hung and some exterior trim to be completed. It has been my privilege and honor to work alongside 19 hard working, goal oriented, Godly men this week. Speaking for myself (and possibly some of the other guys) I can easily say this is as hard as I will work all year and each day ends with me collapsing into my bed in almost total exhaustion.
What I really want to try and convey in this blog is much more important than building classrooms. While I don’t want to minimize the significance of what this facility will mean to this fine organization, what matters most is the girls and young women that are receiving a God-focused education with very little exposure to the worldly distractions that most of us endure. For example, there is no television, no cell phones (except for a couple of the older team leaders, but even those cell phones are limited in use to only calling the facility director or his wife), no Facebook and no secular music. There was certainly a time when I would have thought this type of facility was oppressive and overly controlling. But I don’t feel this way now. While all of the things listed above aren’t in and of themselves evil, they can be used improperly and often become the focus of our daily lives and lead us away from what should be our primary focus each day, to think, act, and live in a manner that glorifies our Heavenly Father. These girls and young women spend a significant part of each day in prayer, reading and studying the Word, often times fasting for short periods such as from the time they awake until lunchtime. While it is reasonable to conclude that they think about and perhaps even envy the worldly things they see around them, they don’t appear to be unhappy at all. In fact, I believe they enjoy a type of genuine happiness that eludes most of us.
Tonight we got to have our final dinner with them and they entertained us with piano recitals, pantomime performances, and singing. The most powerful moment occurred during their last song when some of the girls came over to us, laid their hands on our shoulders and began praying earnestly for us. Girls from the age of 6 to 20 lifted each of us up in an authentic act of love and supplication. I simply cannot find the words that can adequately describe these 10 amazing minutes. I can honestly say it was a very profoundly moving experience that I will never forget. 
I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all of the guys on this trip. I truly enjoyed our time working and laughing together (never thought I’d spend time talking about the importance of fiber in our daily diet and those wonderful colonoscopy stories……NOT). On a serious note, I really enjoyed the fellowship we had daily and the prayers we lifted up not only for each other but for numerous other people in our lives and world. We always need to remember, that we cannot change or heal what we will not openly acknowledge to someone. Healing starts in that brief moment we step out and say throw me the lifesaver, I’m tired of treading water. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get the same results you have always got. Change requires uncommon courage sometimes and it lies within each of us, we just have to set aside our fears of exposure or insecurity and seize upon it. Pleasing, glorifying and honoring God is our first priority, everything else is secondary to that.
To all the girls and young women at RBI, especially Deborah, Kaila, Elizabeth, Merriam and Perlah, you stole my heart. God bless you all and good night.



     Ryan’s Blog      1.31.2011
Work Day #4
                Today was quite the day. We started of the usual way with a wakeup call at six and breakfast at six thirty. Except today we had the pleasure of Dave’s speech about the evils of abortion, and how important it is to get involved with ministry’s at home. It was quite the speech and it got me thinking about how the world would be if everyone tried to make it a better place for your fellow man. That’s what we are doing through Heromakers. I heard Eric say today that the only way to eat an elephant was one bite at a time. This directly relates to our mission work down here in southern Texas.
                My work for the day consisted primarily of insulating, sheet rocking, and screwing. We all managed to sheet rock just about the entire building top to bottom, and let me tell you it looks great. After a delicious lunch of curry that the girls prepared for us, Eric rounded up all the new guys for a presentation Rocky had to show us. It was about orphans and the way they are treated in other countries. Such as Brazil where the “street children” are considered pests and are killed by teams called death squads (off duty police). The thought of this is simply disgusting, and it makes me want to jump into action and do whatever I can to prevent it. Unfortunately I will have to wait at least another year to get the chance to go over there.
After the presentation the new guys and I began preparing dinner. We made fried potato’s broiled chicken, boiled green beans, corn and bread rolls. The guys loved it! Then for desert there was a multitude of ice cream and pie like you wouldn’t believe. In the words of Bill O’Connell “Heromakers: work like slaves, eat like kings!”. After all that was said and done we ended the day with several songs videos and another powerful messages brought to us by our leader Rocky. However our final task was to open up to each other in a free talk if you will. I myself have never been in such a group activity before and it was very moving to say the least. It really goes to show the brotherhood and bond there is between us Hero’s, and how much it has grown throughout the week. I look forward to what tomorrow brings and what new lesion I will learn about not only myself, but my walk with Christ.
   Ken’s Blog      1.27.2001
Reflections on our “day of rest”: 
Today started out with some fabulous blueberry pancakes, sausage and a visit from our longtime friend and missionary brother Ray Hansen from the Rio Bravo Children’s home in Reynosa, Mexico. It was a true blessing to have Ray with us today as we all miss staying in the dormitory buildings at his facility as our normal home base. No matter how many times you hear Ray’s testimony it always inspires each of us to not make this a 1 week a year activity and continue to stay engaged in serving others the other 51 weeks of the year.
After Ray departed we loaded the vans and headed to the Palm Valley Church for a message associated with “bridging the GAP between what we believe and how we behave” with a focus on James 4:14, Ephesians 5:3-4, Psalms 112:1, Philippians 3:20, Psalms 97:12, 2 Corinthians 7:1 and our most beloved James 1:27.   The message hit home with not only our focus on serving widows and orphans but on how we “walk the walk” vs. “talk the talk” and challenged several of us to fill those GAPs in our lives permanently with the word and with Christ vs. short term “fixes” of what is popular or worldliness that provides temporary pleasures and short term happiness.
Our departure from church brought us back to our home base for lunch and a small break before heading to our afternoon bowling event with Children from the Rio Grande Children’s home – what a great time it was for all! The kids were not only entertaining but engaged with all the men as we interacted with them not only for bowling but also for games, tickle monster and other assorted acrobatic stunts that involved children flying and flinging around with the help of our HERO team. You could tell both the men and the children longed for the event to continue but all fun and games must eventually end which ours did with a group photo and goodbyes.
After bowling commenced a two hour free time period where some men took a much needed nap while others socialized with some of the residents of the RV Park, talked and became better acquainted with each other and Ryan crammed for final exams next week.
Our evening ended with some fantastic steak and chicken fajitas at Taco Palenque and continued fellowship. Off to bed early after a relaxing day in preparation for two more days of hard work to complete our mission at the Regional Bible Institute.

New Trip Testimonials will appear here: January 2011, Week 1


posted on : 01-08-07 12:22

Sunday 1/7 - Bob Crovella

Today was a great day. In the morning at Rio Bravo, Pastor Greg gave a very convicting message about our short-sighted focus on the issues of the moment, rather than the eternal home God has prepared for us.

The previous evening we had also heard a message in the form of Ray Hansen's story and life testimony about how he came to run the Rio Bravo orphanage. He pointed out that fear was the enemy of faith, and how he overcame fear in his walk with God. I think it will be one of the special messages in the whole trip for me.

Then we all took off for our various projects. In the morning, I went to Casa Refugio to help "finish" the project there. Actually, what we accomplished was the framing for a large building there. I really enjoy working on projects like this, because you get to see what a group of dedicated men can accomplish in just a few days. Also, it's a real privilege to work under the direction of experts like Curt Coglizer and Dave McLellan, guys who are inspiring in many ways. And after seeing Dave climbing around at the top of the trusses, I understand why some call him the “monkey man”.

In the afternoon, we went to Pilar de Esperanza, another orphanage near Reynosa. This place has plenty of needs and we barely made a dent, but the thing I enjoyed the most was playing with the kids. I started out playing hackysack, then throwing the hackysack like a baseball, then finding a length of plastic pipe to use as a bat and playing something approximating a game of baseball, then after that some time throwing a football. Finally we got together and prayed for the orphanage and the directors Alma and Sara (sisters), and they prayed for us. Then we said our goodbyes, and I think each of us hugged every kid.

We got a late start on the road to Laredo Stepping Stone, and it was a real blessing that Rick and Kim at Laredo had dinner waiting for us. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow! -- Bob

Saturday 1/6 – Bob Leedham

As with past trips, you see God's hand in everything we do. We come on these trips to be the servant God designed us for. As we are designed in his image, it's only right that we try and do His will, not ours.

This year's group of men are the closest of any group I have participated with over the last four years. This group not only genuinely cares about each other, but working together we have accomplished projects only possible by working as a TEAM -- a TEAM that is God-honoring.

This trip offers a time when you become better equipped to understand it's about the relationships you build and the kids. The kids, the children in the orphanages we work at, melt your heart. To look into their eyes, to see the happiness and excitement we generate by our presence. All these kids want is to be seen and loved! If we can make a difference in just one of these children we have begun to accomplish a goal. But it cannot stop with just one.

God, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate with this outreach. Thank for for emphasizing the fact that these children are no different than my own grandchildren. They have the same needs and wants. But at the top of this list is the need to be loved.

And to emphasize this further, while taking Polaroid pictures of children, a little girl poked once on my back, her way of saying, Can I have my picture taken? When I turned around, there was my granddaughter Bella, but not Bella. To give this little on a little time, hold her hand and take her picture is why I am here. I will make a difference, I will continue with this outreach. -- Bob

Friday 1/5 - Josh Adkins

Today I stepped into a very different situation. Our first work day found me at Refugio, an orphanage, building a new dining hall. I was assigned to build trusses for the roof – I guess I never thought that people do this every day. We had been working for a while and making lots of progress, when we took a break. I assumed it was lunch time because it seemed like we had been working for a while and we had made so much progress. It was only 11 AM! I was shocked, this was obviously a God thing, because we had completed so much so fast. Just the fact that all these people from various walks of life all came together to build something of this scale, a dining hall that in the future will feed these kids and groups like us that come down to help – well it must be a God thing! -- Josh

Thursday 1/4 - Steve Kleinschmidt

Day one of our Hero Makers trip was a great day - though every day is a great day - if you don't believe it, try skipping one! Our guys from Kansas City flew into Texas and met up with a bunch of guy mainly from Texas. It was great seeing all the returning faces and all the new ones. We got to Rio Bravo orphanage without incident, had an organizational meeting and went to bed.(Well eventually) Today was about travel, fellowship and organization. Tomorrow the physical stuff begins - but it's what we did today that is what we'll do everyday - give our day to the Lord - and that makes it a great day! -- Steve